The BBC page in 2019 once written based on analysis
Oxford Economics says there are 20 million manufacturing jobs in the world that will be replaced by robots by 2030 for 선물거래소 phenomena.

1. Telephone operators, telemarketers, and receptionists

With voice recognition technology becoming even more sophisticated,
it will be easier for companies to replace the role of people in operator or telemarketer jobs.

2. Cashier

Several stores are currently implementing self-checkout.
Where there is no person on duty as a cashier, but checking and paying for the goods purchased are carried out by the buyer himself.

Maybe there will still be someone to supervise the operation of the cash register.
But this will replace jobs that used to require several people.

3. Tellers and Bank Employees

Maybe until now, some activities require us to go to the bank.
Their customers will be served by bank employees including tellers.

However, with advances in technology, financial transactions, even with the development of digital money such as Bitcoin, allows customers to transact from gadgets without the need to come to the bank office again.