For those of you apartment dwellers, may experience a lack of space to store favorite items that are rarely used. Lack of this place makes apartment residents have limitations to increase the collection of goods. Moreover, these items have historical value, such as books or hobby goods. This could be a problem in the future. That is why you need to use the provided storage services like mini storage for personal items that can be rented. Usually, a husband and wife who live in an apartment after having children need space, we offer self warehouse rentals.

This storage service had operated this type of service from 2007. There were many types and sizes that you could choose to store your items. Usually to store personal items such as hobby goods, books, clothes, and other products. Then feature rental room (storage) with a size of 2 x 4 square foot. The service is for storing larger items, such as bicycles, parts, and others also available from the size of 4 x 5 up to 4 x 8 square feet. To use this service, users must pay a rental fee per month, half a year or per year.

The largest room capacity is 90 boxes and large furniture. You could choose the size of the room according to your needs. To be able to get the room you need, make sure you already assess your stuff. After that, you just need to email or call the company. This type of storage will also expand consumers. Namely, the owners of online stores so as not to mess around with logistics. Now, you could use the service to store the items you are selling without worry making your house a mess. With renting a mini-warehouse now you will be able to organize your items easily and faster. The security is also guaranteed so you could store your belongings worry-free.